Ralph Coquette

is a singer, bassist, percussionist, composer, lyricist and presenter at papergrass. All his energy and heart and soul flows into this band. He composes his songs and ideas on the keyboard or on the guitar. Some songs also come to mind in the shower.

In 2008, after a varied life, Ralph had the opportunity, via a few detours, to finally follow his “star” and to realize himself as a professional musician. He founded a small mobile music school and worked in various bands and projects.

He was on stage for the first time at the age of 11. At 16 he met Joshi and joined his newly founded band as a drummer and singer. A symbiosis immediately developed between Joshi and him, which continues to this day. They became friends and musical companions.

Of course, Ralph started the band papergrass a few years ago together with Joshi. Ralph has been concentrating exclusively on this space rock band since 2015!