Power through Music

In addition to their own musical career, the band papergrass has always held small workshops for young people. One project has already become a permanent fixture: every year the band holds a workshop at the Forum Musaik music school in Westerkappeln to inspire budding young musicians to take instrumental lessons and to let them feel the power that comes from music.

In the meantime, papergrass have carried out a number of workshops with young people under the heading “Power through Music”, and thus aroused enthusiasm for making and composing music.
It does not matter whether the participants can play an instrument. Experience has shown that even young people with no previous musical knowledge can enthusiastically become part of a band and contribute their ideas, so that a joint work is created, which is then performed in front of an audience as part of a concert.

The psychological knowledge that music influences the body in many ways and can help with depression, Parkinson’s and after strokes is the basis of the project “Power through Music” and gives young people (but also adults) new strength and a new view of the world .

Body, mind and soul are related. Psychological stress can make you sick in the long run and hinder natural healing powers. Worries, depression, fears and anger can lead to chronic illnesses in the long run, music can be an aid here to deal with them better.

The workshop “Power through Music” can help young people and adults to open new doors into a new world and to create something creatively.
The inspiration leads to recognizing your own strengths through composing and writing texts and creating your own music in a group in which everyone is part of the whole and which only works as a team.

The workshop “Power through Music” can take place over a weekend or over a week and ends at best with a final concert.

If you are interested, please contact starkdurchmusik@papergrass.band for further information.