… papergrass – that‘s space rock with a message. It‘s not just music, it‘s the audible and visual expression of a vision for a better future and a more humane society. The music is as powerful as its content, it stays with you and lingers in the back of your head, long after you have finished listening to it. It’s spell-binding!

The artists’ musical inspiration is influenced by rock, psychedelic, pop and classical music. All these elements are combined into the creation of an individual style, with a life of its own, which cannot be restricted to

any common genre: Space Rock.

The latest album „Eternity“ was created as a concept album, which deals with the hot topics currently polarizing our society. The „Work Trilogy“ points the finger on inhumane labour conditions, exploitation and increasingly sickening pressure on the work force worldwide. The song „Just Work“ is a hymn to breaking free from forced labour, the never ending greed for profit and the dead end called burnout. „Eternity“ conveys a vision – for a better future, a cleaner environment, respect thy neighbour and the planet.

The album is available at all the main music platforms online. Selected songs are being aired via online radio stations in Germany, England, USA and The Netherlands.

On October 2nd, 2020 the single “Eternity” was released in a rearranged version for download at internet plattforms. The accompanying video was shot in the Olbers Planetarium in Bremen and invites you to take a journey through space and time.

Tales of our time, told by the voice of powerful, melodic sounds – xciting, mysterious, artistic and impressive, and at the same time polarizing and eye- openingly honest.