Today Olli and Ralph were guests on Achim Mirkes` radio show Sternschnuppesucht at Oeins and talked about music, today’s times and news at papergrass. Many thanks to Achim and his team for the invitation, it was a lot of fun!

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As announced, we would have been at Hell over Halen this year.
However, the organizers have decided to postpone the festival by one year in this way.
So see you in Halen in 2023!

2021 is coming to an end. Let’s let it go by and look forward to 2022! It looks like we’re going to be live on stage again, at first at the Hell over Halen Festival.
And if things go as planned, we will also publish a new album next year and a few more live shows.
We are excited to see what happens


We would like to thank everyone who supported us over the past year!
For example Uta Wilms, who is always ready with her camera for a good photo, Meene Lindner, who is always ready with his camera for a good video,
and of course Radio Jack the St-O-Aker Welle and Ralphy’s Music of the World, who play us permanently in their playlist,
as well as of course all other radio stations that play our songs!
We look forward to be part of Mark Glazier’s shows next year!
You, and everyone we may have forgotten here: Thank you!
Have a good New Year! Ralph, Oliver, Eva, Armin and Kai

Today Olli, Ralph and Kai refined a few song ideas online.

papergrass will be perform live at the Hell over Halen Festival in 2022.
After a 2 year break from the stage, we are happy to play live on stage again for you.
There will definitely follow more live dates.
More information at

We are happy to announce, that a lot of merchandise from us is now available at!/all
or at our partner There are many cool merchandise items with papergrass logo.
So it´s time to do a little shopping.

Today we started with the first recordings for our new video for our song “Heaven”.
Even if it will take a while until it’s finished, we’ve been a little curious 🙂

We are incredibly happy that our song “Eternity” can be heard on Backstagefm in the NewcomerShow on Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 from 6 p.m. on 46 channels over the next 7 days.
You can listen to the show at:

There is also a chat for the broadcast, in which we are present.
There will also be a live telephone interview with Eva and Ralph during the program.
So if you feel like it, listen on Sunday evening and have a look at the chat by following this link to chat.

We are happy to announce that our video “Eternity” is video of the week at BackstageFM.

We are happy that our songs are now being played on “Banks Radio Australia” in Australia.
Check it out at

Today we met online for the first time in 2021 with the full cast to plan for 2021.
Despite Corona there is a lot to do 🙂 It promises to be an interesting year, even if unfortunately
Live concerts are not in sight, but there are many new songs and maybe a new album.
We are excited.

Well, what can you say after such a year? Concerts that we would have liked to play this year unfortunately didn’t take place. Our performance in March at Martin’s Das Feine Geniessen was supposed to be the opening concert in 2020, but unfortunately it was the last concert. We would have loved to be on stage with colleagues from Heyzy and Paranotes and on some other stages. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Still, this year had not only bad sides. We used the time and worked on new songs, often via digital platforms instead of jamming in the rehearsal room. A different way that somehow works. So there are a lot of new ideas that we will continue to work on next year. The next album promises to be interesting. Our single version of “Eternity” with video was released at the beginning of October and some radio stations played us. Thanks a lot for this! So a year with good and bad sides. Let’s see what 2021 will bring. We hope to be able to play live on stage again for you soon. Until then, happy new year!

We wish you a merry christmas

Eva, Ralph, Joshi, Olli, Armin

Last Friday the show Tisch Talk with Joachim Mirkes was broadcast on regio TV, in which Ralph and Olli were guests and presented our band and our new single “Eternity”.

See the full show here:

Today Armin and Olli worked together in the home office on new songs, the rest of the band also joined by virtually.
We try to use these times for creative work.
Look forward to what will be created.

Tonight the station Downtown Island Radio will broadcast a program under the motto “Ohne uns wird’s still” starting at 8:00 pm. They will present musicians from Germany who are not yet very well known. We are happy to announce, that our current single “Eternity” will be part of the show.
Check it out, it’s going to be interesting.

Due to the current situation, our visit to Oldenburg Eins has been postponed from November 6th, 2020 to February 5th, 2021.
Stay healthy!

On Friday, November 6th, 2020 we will be guest on the program “Sternschuppe sucht” on Radio Oldenburg eins from 7:00 pm
We look forward to an exciting show.